Sailaway Wanderlust Series: Peru

Sylvia wears the Ipanema in Peony Pink      |      Images by  Ale  & via  Pinterest

Sylvia wears the Ipanema in Peony Pink     |      Images by Ale & via Pinterest


No matter what you want—adventure, luxury, or chill—Peru has it. 

Head to the Sacred Valley to get lost along the trails, surrounded by mountains and thermal pools and make friends with a llama or two. There are many guided tours you can go on or seek out hikes yourself. Be sure to book in advance for the more popular hikes like the Incan Trail to Machu Picchu.

If you’re looking for modern culture, Lima’s neighbourhood of Baranco is home to museums, colourful streets, plus amazing restaurants and night life. Be sure to meander around to find plenty of Instagram-worthy backdrops and cafes.

The Amazon runs through Peru and is perfect for anyone looking to discover indigenous cultures, wildlife or simply get lost in the sounds of the rainforest. Here you can swim with pink dolphins, go on a fishing tour, stay in a tree house hostel, or visit the local medicine man to do some healing work.

Sylvia wears the   Scriptures in White & Charcoal        |       Images by  Ale  & via  Pinterest

Sylvia wears the Scriptures in White & Charcoal       |       Images by Ale & via Pinterest


From desserts, to cities, to mountains and forest, Peru has a variety of climates and landscapes to suit any kind of explorer.

One city you cannot miss out on is Cusco. Surrounded by mountains and hill tops filled with colourful little houses and a night sky filled with stars, this place has a special energy that you can’t deny. Cusco is one of the most visited tourist destinations for the obvious reason—you guessed it—Machu Picchu. Just a day’s trip away you’ll find yourself high in the clouds, surrounded by llamas, in awe of the ancient Incan ruins. If you’re looking for more low key activities in Cusco, there’s plenty to choose from: Yoga studios, an array of vegetarian and vegan restaurants, The San Pedro artisan and food market, and Spanish schools. Pick your choice and enjoy.

If you’re more of a coastal lover, head north to the arid beaches of Lobitos or Mancora. Lobitos is home to some of the best surf in Peru - plenty of lefts, chill vibes and the freshest ceviche you’ll ever eat. While Mancora is more popular for parties and night life. 

Lastly, Arequipa is less crowded and busy city compared to the country’s capital - Lima. Surrounded by three volcanos and home to gorgeous, historic cathedrals this city offers tons of history, traditional food, and places to explore.

Sylvia wears the Ipanema   in Parrot Blue       |        Images by  Ale  & via  Pinterest

Sylvia wears the Ipanema in Parrot Blue      |        Images by Ale & via Pinterest

❈  EAT

One of Peru’s most famous dishes is the Ceviche. A coastal dish prepared with fresh fish, limes, onion, peppers and coriander. The fish is marinated with the lime juice which actually simultaneously cooks it. For the best ceviche, head to Lima or any beach in Peru.

Another classic “must try” is Aji de Gallina. A creamy chicken dish served with potatoes, rice and eggs. This heavy dish is simply delicious. The chicken baths in a thick sauce made from cream, cheese, ahi (a traditional pepper only found in Peru), and bread. 

When seeking out meals, we recommend heading to the local restaurants and asking for the “Menu del Dia” - a set lunch menu that includes a drink, soup, large meal and sometimes desert for only £2-3.

Sylvia wears the Ipanema in Poker Red       |      Images by  Ale  & via  Pinterest

Sylvia wears the Ipanema in Poker Red      |      Images by Ale & via Pinterest


When staying in the larger towns of Peru, accomodation options are aplenty. One of the most magical and authentic places to stay in Cusco is El Mercado, a mountain lodge nestled within the heart of the city. Airbnb have many unique places listed to stay throughout the country. We found an amazing apartment with an open roof top perfect for stargazing, situated in the sweet town of Barranco.

If heading to the Amazon, hotels and homestays can be less easy to come by. A once in a lifetime place to rest your head is Treehouse Lodge located within the jungle of the Pacaya Samiria Reserve. This idyllic spot takes rainforst accomodation to a whole new level. 

If you’re looking for a cheaper place to stay along the coastline, we recommend El Cartel in Lobitos, or WAVES for Development is a great way to explore the coast and surf, as well as giving back to the community at the same time. 




Posted on April 8, 2018 .