"In our busy modern lives it often seems easier to chuck on a top and jeans than think through a new outfit.

I love watching women try on these dresses - they suddenly swish around the room, realising how easy it is to look and, most importantly, feel feminine.  Women from all walks of life, from travellers to full-time mums, professional surfers to city bankers, uni prom-goers to brides-to-be enjoy their versatility and flattering style.

I wish you many happy sunny days, turning heads wherever you go."



Founder of Sailaway Dress Co.


The Story

Four years ago Holly visited Goa whilst working as a musician.  On one of those fabulous shopping trips that takes you through all the twists and turns of an Indian market, she found a dress that she'd never seen before back home at the festivals and boutiques where she normally shopped.  Trying it on she felt immensely feminine and, purchasing a few from the tailor, found she hardly needed to wear anything else for the rest of her trip.  From lazy beach days, to jungle adventures to meals out with friends they covered all bases. Taking them home to friends of all different body shapes and tastes, they all found one they wanted. 

After gathering some savings, Holly headed back out to work closely with the tailors she'd met on that first trip and started Sailaway Dress Co. named in honour of that traveling spirit that lead to finding the dresses in the first place.  Since then she hasn't looked back, dressing women from Mayfair, to Mexico to Melbourne, alongside a large proportion of women in Devon and Cornwall, where she calls home and spends her days selling dresses on the beach. 

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The Team

Its imperative to us that those who make the dresses enjoying doing so as much as we do selling them.  So every year we venture over to catch up with our small group of local family tailors who make the dresses to check they are enjoying comfortable working conditions, dealing directly with them to ensure a fair wage for everyone involved.


Here are the very talented Sanju and Lucky who make all our cotton dresses in their market stall in Southern Goa.