Three Ways To Wear Your Sailaway Dress

At Sailaway Dress Company, we love feeling feminine and free, that’s why we’ve designed our dresses with maximum versatility. Whether you’re slipping your Sailaway on post surf, heading out into town for cocktails with the girls, or attending your best friends wedding, our dresses are the perfect fit for all occasions. Real life mermaid and Sailaway ambassador Lucie Rose Donlan shows us how to wear your Sailaway dress three different ways. 

The Traditional Tie Up

Also known as the classic way to wear your Sailaway dress, the traditional tie up is how we first tied the straps together many years ago as it’s a great way to show off your gorgeous curves. The steps are as follows:

1... Pull the thread up behind your neck

2... Take each strap and cross them over at the back behind your neck

3... Bring each strap down behind your back

4... Bring the straps back around to the front and tie them around your waist

5... Bring the straps around the waist again and cross them over in front

6... Take each strap back behind your waist again

7... Tie them together in a bow


The Flowy Tie

The simple flowy tie gives a very relaxed fit (for when you’ve eaten too many burritos and drank a few glasses of wine). It’s also a great way to tie your Sailaway dress when pregnant, as it gives more fabric over your beautiful bump. The steps are as follows:

1... Take the straps and lift them up and behind your head

2… Tie the straps into a bow behind your neck. It’s that simple!


The Vest Tie Up

The vest tie up is a brilliant way to tie your Sailaway dress when you want more movability on your back. The straps lie up right behind each shoulder giving you more freedom to wave those arms when you’re dancing. The steps are as follows:

1… Pass the two straps behind the neck, but keep them straight on either side

2... Fed them both down your back straight towards the waist

3... Bring each strap forward around the waist

4... Cross them around the waist

5… Pass the straps back behind your waist and then tie them in a bow behind your back

There you have it, three wonderful ways to wear your Sailaway dress. 


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Model: Lucie Rose Donlan
Photographer: Adj Brown