Sailaway Crew: Melanie Baker

Mel in Sailaway

Melanie Baker

Tell us a little more about you. Where are you based and what do you do?
I’m Mel, and I live in Newquay with my fiancé Jamie and our gorgeous little two year old Cockerpoo Mollie. I work as a Marketing, PR and Design Freelancer which is a fairly new venture for me. It's challenging, creative and most of all gives me freedom which I love. In my spare time, when I’m not at my desk or taking photos for various projects, I love exploring the Cornish coast, running, surfing and belly boarding. Downtime for me is making festival and wedding headdresses using flowers, shells and feathers. I recently learnt how to Macrame so this will be part of my new 2018 headdress collection -- thats if becoming a new mum doesn’t take up every second of my time…!
Can you describe a typical day?
I’m an early bird for sure, and start my mornings at 6.30am. I’ll take Mollie pup for a run or go to Bootcamp — exercise makes me feel calm and I find if I’m able to begin my day feeling unruffled and full of endorphins, everything is better.
I work in Hope Yard Studio, an open plan workspace in the centre of Newquay, from my freelance desk I work for a variety of clients. Each have diverse business development needs and my role has such an assortment of tasks, in just one day I could be rebranding, designing a logo, building a new website, and then by the afternoon I’ll be sending newsletters, collating PR lists, working alongside journalists and writing copy for a feature. The next day I’ll be on a photoshoot creating new content for clients blogs and social media channels.  
During the winter months my evenings are spent by the fire, and come summer I’ll be in the water or on the beach, often with friends and family, and always with Jamie and Mollie pup! 
Mel wears a Sailaway Special Edition Dress

Mel wears a Sailaway Special Edition Dress

Do you have a favourite dress from the collection?
Ah, there are so many beauties to choose from. I was always a jumpsuit girl until I joined the Sailaway stand at Boardmasters Festival last summer. I was just starting to show a little pregnant bump and thats when I fell in love with the Ava in Tropics, as it draws you in at the smallest part of your waist, and is elegantly floor length with pretty florals and angel sleeves. I have worn this dress through the summer and into winter, even on Christmas Day this year!
You are absolutely glowing and we’re so pleased with how the first Sailaway mum-to-be photoshoot turned out. Do you have a favourite photograph from the shoot? 
Ahhh thank you. I was terrified when Holly first asked me to be in the shoot, I’m not used to being on the other side of the camera, especially while going through such a drastic change in body shape, but Evie and Holly made me feel super relaxed. My favourite shot has to be with my little pup Mollie curled up on the day bed overlooking South Fistral.
Mel in Sailaway
Pregnant Mel wearing Sailaway
What has been the best part of your pregnancy so far and why?
The best part of my pregnancy has to be the 20 week scan, this is the second scan halfway through your pregnancy. Its when Jamie and I found out we were having a little boy, the scan is so detailed you can see tiny hands, a little face and it all becomes very real!
Sailaway in Winter
 What does being part of the Sailaway Crew mean to you?
I love Holly for bringing such beautiful Indian fabric and elegantly designed dresses to us here in the UK. As soon as you put on one of the dresses, a unique feeling takes over, which gives you a sense of spirit and prowess. It may sound slightly cheesy, but its true. I have been witness to this during last summer when I was selling my headdresses alongside the Sailaway range. Time and time again these beautiful dresses became complete game changers to a customers festival outfit, and gave them such confidence to dance around the fields and feel comfortable in their body.
Mel with Molly the pup
Mel and Molly at Fistral
Where’s your favourite destination you’ve travelled to so far and why?
Two years ago I spent Christmas and New year in Sri Lanka with Jamie and his family, a beautiful country which completely stole my heart. The locals were so welcoming and kind, the colours were vibrant and everywhere I looked there was warmth, fun waves and cold beer. It was idyllic! In November Jamie and I are planning to get married in the exact spot we stayed in last time — I’m very excited to return and to be taking our new little one on his first trip!  
Sailaway teamed with a vintage jacket
Mel and Molly on Fistral cliffs
Where is next on your wanderlust wish list?
A few friends have visited Mexico this year and have said such wonderful things, so I’m certainly adding it to my wanderlust wish list.
What's your favourite album?
That totally depends on the mood, but my go to right now has to be the new Curtis Harding album called Face Your Fear — which is actually quite a fitting title considering I’m about to give birth and I’m terrified about the labour.
Mel ties a Limited Edition Sailaway
Mel wears a  Sailaway Party Dress
Who's your favourite artist?
Charmaine Olivia, a San Francisco-based artist who paints beautiful Botticelli-esque females with messy whimsical hair and oozing elegance. She has influenced how I make my festival crowns and curate the photo shoots with my beautiful friends, who kindly model my headdresses. 
Favourite documentary?

Cowspiracy was a standout documentary for me as I had such little knowledge about the environmental impact that rearing cattle for meat has on such a global scale, and how we can all make little changes to curb our habits and improve the situation. When I was a media teacher I made a point to show this to my students.
Mel glowing in Sailaway
Mel looking glorious in Sailaway
Words and sayings to live by?
Always throw spilled salt over your left shoulder. Keep rosemary by your garden gate. Add pepper to your mashed potatoes. Plant roses and lavender for luck. Fall in love whenever you can — my sister will appreciate this!


You can read more about Mel and her freelance services here

Photoshoot styled and photographed by Sailaway's inspiration Evie Johnstone.



Posted on January 8, 2018 .